Offering a wide range of WiFi web-based targeted services.

What we do

Hoopoe Digital uses WiFi infrastructure along with Big Data and Machine Learning to offer a wide range of web-based, location-ware targeted services. Every user has a unified smart profile, portable across all applications to offer a seamless user experience.

Free WiFi
in Public Transportation

One of Hoopoe Digita’s primer goals is to avail high quality, free WiFi service in public transportation, e.g. buses, taxis and subways - turning commute time into full entertainment. This creates a nation-wide platform for next generation outdoor advertising, bridging the gap between the old-fashioned road billboards and digital marketing with targeted ads.


Wherever you're, you will be connected…

Digital Menu for Restaurants & Cafes

No need to wait for the waiter to make your order. Rest back, connect to the free wifi and you will be automatically redirected to the restaurant’s (or cafe’s) digital menu. We know what you love and what you don’t. Get your promo and place your order. Enjoy the high quality wifi till you get served. Your feedback will help enhancing your next visit experience, even if not to the same restaurant/cafe.

Ticket Booking

Whether you are in a train station, movie theatre, opera or a stadium; you don’t have to stand in a queue to buy your ticket. From anywhere in the venue, connect to the free wifi and you will be automatically redirected to the booking portal. Based on your smart profile, the booking portal will promote your favorite destinations, movie/music genre or team/match. Purchase your ticket and enjoy the free wifi.

Hoopoe Careers

Hoopoe Digital is always looking for internationally seasoned calibers in all disciplines. If you are a talented software developer/tester, networks & systems admin, data scientist/engineer or business analyst, contact us through our LinkedIn page.